Tennis Racket Head

Today I had what is called a CT simulation where they lay me down on a cold table and place a warm sheet of plastic on my face and form it to create a mask that they will bolt to the table to keep my head from moving during the actual radiation. It’s pretty confining (obviously) and feels a bit like I’m wearing a tennis racket on my head (thus the name of this post). They also took images of my brain that the doctor will use to determine treatment. While they were doing this they actually ended up having computer problems (they just couldn’t handle my massively impressive mind) so prayers would be appreciated that that will all get worked out in time for treatment.

Me with The Mask. Do you see the resemblance?

The next step is to do what is called a “verification simulation” which will be exactly a week from now, it’s where they basically decide the final treatment plan and on Monday, October 10 is when they will actually start “beaming” me (I just made up that term…you know what I mean though). Please refer to the previous post “Radioactive Man” for the specific ways you can pray for us in this time.

Check out who my Radiation Therapist is. I'm in good hands!

Much Love,