Radioactive Man

I will soon possess superpowers because starting next week I will be exposed to a ton of radiation. I’m hoping I get super strength and/or flying. I’m thinking my superhero name could be “The AL-EXterminator” or something like that.

We did decide to do our treatment at UCLA with Dr. Selch and this Friday I will do what is called a CT Simulation which is a process used by the radiation therapy team to determine the exact location and size of the area to be treated (it’s basically a dry run for the actual treatment). They will also make me a mask like the picture below that will be bolted into the table I end up laying on so that my head doesn’t move during the radiation. It will then take a week or so before they’ll be ready to actually start the treatment.

There are some possible deficits as a result of the treatment so we’re asking for your thoughts and prayers in this time. A big one is fatigue (some of the long term survivors I’ve talked to say that it can be permanent and get worse over time so please pray specifically that that won’t be case for me) other possibilities include swelling, permanent hair loss, and short term memory loss (I’ve got my tattoo needle handy if that ends up happening..see “Memento” if you don’t get that reference). For every survivor I’ve talked to they have said that radiation is the hardest part of the whole recovery process (it will be five days a week for six weeks straight) so please pray for Amy, myself, and our moms who will be helping out. In other news, a 3 bedroom opened up in our building  so we’ll be moving there in a couple weeks as a temporary set up (each Mom will now have their own room) as we continue to look for a more permanent place.

Much Love,

Alex (A-Mo, A.I.)