Since the surgery I have been curious how I’m perceived in public. I’ve been wearing a dark beanie in the SoCal summer heat and the default look on my face because of the weakness in my left side and jaw could best be described as “somber” and I just went for my morning walk and had an interesting encounter that I think may have finally answered that question. I passed a woman who was getting into her car and as I walked past she gave me a nice smile….I did my best to smile back but was unsuccessful and as she got into her car, she said a bit condescendingly “It’s okay to smile, you know”, I turned around and responded, “I can’t smile!” I think she immediately put two and two together because after I said that she turned as red as her car. I actually felt as bad as she did so to reassure her I told her “Sorry I was trying, but I just had brain surgery…Your smile brightened my day, so don’t stop smiling at people on account of me” I actually don’t think it came out quite so eloquently as that (I still have difficulty talking as well) because she just kept apologizing and drove off faster than Vin Diesel.

Much Love,