We are walking on clouds right now as we just stepped out of an appointment with Dr. Cloughesy and his team where we finally had the talk about prognosis and the official diagnosis is “Mixed Oligoastrocytoma” which means “Stage 2” (incredible news) but because the initial diagnosis was “Stage 3” Anaplastic Astrocytoma they’ll treat it as such…which is good in the sense that they’ll be more aggressive in terms of intitial treatment (radiation/chemo) which should greatly decrease the chances of reoccurrence. That combined with the successful surgery make Alex’s chances at long term survival very strong…the only thing we’re waiting for now in terms of prognosis is for the genetic markers that the doctors have been waiting for to come back from the lab and back up what they’re saying…Alex’s age and the way he has been recovering since the surgeries gave them the confidence to tell us the good news before the lab results. On this past Saturday we were on our way to the UCLA football game when Alex experienced a strange tingling sensation on his left side…It freaked us out and we discovered today that it was in fact a mild seizure. Dr. Cloughesy assured us not to worry about it too much though. Next week, radiation starts…We’re still trying to decide where to do it. We have a consultation with UCLA on Friday and have already met with the Disney Cancer Research Center…We continue to ask for prayers over all the decision making and recovery process. I hope this post gives a lot of hope to those of you who have been vigilantly thinking about us and praying for us.


Alex and Amy