One of our favorite songs right now is a track off the new Death Cab for Cutie album called “Monday Morning”. The hooky chorus says, “The night is gonna fall and the vultures will surround you and when you’re lookin’ in the mirror what you see is gonna astound you. But all these lines and greys refine, they are the maps of our design of what began on a Monday morning.” It’s been our theme song going into today as my road to recovery officially begins this monday morning. Right now, I’m on my way to get the rest of my stitches out (I keep saying that if Frankenstein were in the Twilight movies I’d look like him so now without the stitches I won’t have to keep saying I’m “Team Edward”) …which is the first step in what is already shaping up to be a very important week (we’ll need to be covered in a lot of prayer this week). At this moment we’re still trying to nail down our post op consultation with Dr. Cloughesy but on Thursday is my post op visit with my surgeon Dr. Yang where we’ll hopefully get awesome news about my recovery and hopefully the go ahead to proceed with treatment. So far by what we can all see, my recovery is remarkable, my talking, eating, smiling have all improved greatly and my ability to sleep is much better than it was after the first surgery so we’re feeling very positive on that front. This morning we also saw Ruth (My mom or “Ruth Mom” as we all affectionately call her) return home to Seattle. She has been in LA since July 26th, the day after my seizure, and we’re very sad to see her go (but we’re happy she gets to be home)…There’s no way we could’ve made it this far without her…She put up with the LA heat, traffic, our annoying air conditioner and couch for far too long and was very loving and thoughtful (and even entertaining a lot of the time) through it all. StaceMom (Stacie, Amy’s mom) has come down to help out this week and we’re grateful to have her cheerful spirit around. One of the great “unknowns” for us right now is my exact prognosis which we’ll hopefully get when we meet with Dr. Cloughesy. It is our understanding at this time that there is still the possibility of the tumor being a lower grade than 3 which would be incredible news so we ask that that be on your prayer list for this week…Whatever the prognosis ends up being, radiation will be required and that is another prayer request, we’re still trying to decide where to have it done. All though we know that UCLA is the best place for all around care, even they’re saying that radiation can be done anywhere so it’s a matter of what’s most convenient for us. Right now, the easiest place (because of current proximity) would be the Disney Cancer Center where our Radiation Oncologist would be Dr. Buzz Lightyear (joking) actually Dr. Rex Hoffman who has been a great support to us already but there are a lot of obvious benefits to having all my treatment done at the same place (UCLA). On top of all this we’ll be celebrating a BIG birthday for Amy this weekend (I won’t say exactly what age she’s turning, but it may be twice as much as 15)

“Monday morning, Monday morning,
Ooh, ooh,Monday morning, Monday morning,
Ooh, ooh,”

Much Love,


Prayer Requests for Week of 9/19/11
– Prognosis: please pray for the miracle of it actually being a Stage 2 (and obviously have no traces of stage 4)
– Follow up with Dr.Yang: That we get the go ahead for treatment..No concerns on his part regarding my recovery
– Radiation Treatment: Where should we have it done?
– Place to Live: Still looking for a bigger, more restful place, that is closer to UCLA (please also pray for the timing of when to move)