Thank You!!!

It’s officially been one week since the surgery and by all accounts thus far it has been very successful and even though it is still very difficult for Alex to do simple things like talk, eat and smile we are still just basking in gratitude for the miraculous recovery that we have seen and especially for the outpouring of support that we’ve received. One can only hope that if you get sick, people would be there for you but the magnitude of support has been simply “mind blowing” so we want to take this chance to say thank you and to let you know that we read every message and card and feel every thought and prayer and that they are making a big difference. Since the diagnosis we’ve understood that it’s gonna take a miracle to beat this thing and we see glimpses of that miracle every day because of you. Before all this we’ve often talked about how we wished that we were more intentional people meaning that we would be better at keeping in touch with those that we’ve crossed paths with so we want to take this opportunity right now to be intentional and share our gratitude with those that have been intentional with us in this time. We want to start by sending a special thanks to all the childhood friends, some of whom we haven’t seen since junior high school, and all the Auburn High and Laguna High peeps who have sent their love. We’ve both come a long way since those days and it just feels so good to know that we are still cared for after all these years. Those of you from Buck Creek Camp and Soundview, White River Presbyterian in Auburn and of course Mission Woods, EV FREE and Saddleback , you all played a big role in shaping us and we’ll never forget you…Our Malibu Pres and Bel Air Pres family , you’ve been remarkable in your faithfulness and we can’t wait to continue our fellowship with you. Also a Big thanks to all those who visited us in the hospital and brought us meals, you helped us get through the daily battle. Alex’s biggest cheerleaders have definitely been all the “U-Dubbers” (Pi Kapps, Inn Folks) and VFS cohorts…thank you for all your encouragement, it gives us the courage to fight. Lots of people who have only met Alex a few times whether from film shoots or through other “work” have been reaching out in droves and we’ve really appreciated all of your kind words. Along this journey we’ve had some big obstacles to overcome especially insurance and because of the passion, courage, and compassion of strangers we should have no problems getting the treatment Alex needs…so we’re sending a special shout out to Ed, Valerie, Vanesssa and Dennis at Montage…it brought tears to our eyes knowing that you were all rejoicing just as much as we were when you found out that we’re going to get what we needed coverage wise. Karen and Savaughn at Anthem…thanks for your passion in advocating for us, you treated Alex like a person and not just another number or “client”…Annette at Disney Cancer Center is another one who helped quide our way through the insurance jungle and was an early advocate…Of course we can’t forget Noralea (you are no stranger) who at the second Alex was in the hospital started advocating for us. We’d also like to thank all the friends of friends, friends of family, parents of friends and family, and shirttail relatives who have not only supported us but our family (including our LA family) as well. One thing that is obvious is that the impact of this doesn’t just stop with the two of us so it gives us great comfort knowing that those who are caring for us are cared for as well. The recovery with both surgeries were tremendous thanks especially to all the nurses and Doctors that treated Alex so here’s a big a hug and a huge Thank you to all the wonderful nurses at ST. Joes on floor 5, in the ICU, and the ER and of course all the gifted nurses at UCLA espeicially those in the ICU. We feel so blesssed to be at UCLA and we would’ve never gottten in there without the help of Dr. Rex Hoffman at Disney Cancer Research who as soon as Alex was out of the first surgery started advocating for us and basically insisted that we go see Dr. Cloughesy and his team before doing any treatment…Of course at UCLA we need to thank Cloughesey, Dr.Piccioni as well as doctors Jeff Wu and Isaac Yang…You all went above and beyond for us and we can’t wait to return the favor. Other shout outs go out to First Pres Bellevue, Shelter Cove in Central Cali, and other churches that have been praying non-stop for us. Also thanks to all our friends who no longer live near us that have been giving us lots of cyber love….we feel like you’re right here with us even though we’re miles apart…Lastly we’d like to thank our LA family (you know who you are). We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else righ nowa and I think it’s the hope of all of us that this will not only strengthen our bond with each other but make our faith and community come alive in ways that we’ve always prayed for. Thank you for the ways you’ve loved us and will continue to love us (we also look forward to celebrating all the little victories along the way with you)…It also goes without saying that we would be lost without our actual families (siblings, parents, grandparents, nieces and nephews, cousins spread all over the Northwest, East Coast, Orange County, and Central Cali) goes without saying that we love you beyond words and we enjoy every minute that we get to spend with you in person and over electronic devices…we know that no matter what happens you’ll be here with a hand to hold and to help carry us and that is healing in and of itself. We look forward to braving these crazy waters with you….We sincerely apologize if anyone feels left out…but just know that we’re extremely grateful for you too.


Alex and Amy