We are still waiting for a bed out of the ICU. Hoping it will be sometime this morning. The one good thing about the ICU though is the extra special care of nurses. Every nurse we have had in the ICU has been exceptional. So thankful!

Yesterday Alex got out of the hospital bed and sat in a chair! It was so awesome to see him stand up and sitting upright. Then early this morning he got out of his bed again and walked over to the sink and brushed his teeth. I am in awe of his strength during this process. Even the nurses commented on how well he is doing. God is definitely answering our prayers.

Alex has had a bandage around his head since the surgery with a beanie over it. This morning they removed it and so for the first time we have seen the incision. It is longer than the previous incision. The only swelling is at the incision, and there are staples all along it.

How you can pray
– To get a bed on the hospital floor, no more ICU.
– For NO infection
– Continued smooth recovery
– Continued rest for Alex and for all of us as well.

Much love,