Results of surgery…

Alex is currently in the ICU, however when Ruth and I arrived this morning they told us he has been doing really good and will be moving to a regular room as soon as a bed is available. That was such great news to hear, he is stable and recovering well so far. He slept through the night, which was another answer to prayer.
Alex looks great and has been resting a lot all day. We have been still rejoicing over the success of the surgery. At this point the only deficit Alex has is with the left side of his face, there is some slight paralysis, which is slightly affecting his speech. Doctors believe this to be temporary, but they can not say for sure.
Here is where today became even better.. Our neurosurgeon Dr. Yang came in to review the MRI from yesterday and check on Alex. He showed us the MRI and shared that at least 95% of the tumor is GONE!!!!!!! Maybe even be more. He said God really answered prayers. He said the MRI reads that the tumor was 100% removed, but he said believe me, I was in the surgery and protected your motor strip and left 1%-5% in there for your protection of deficits. God is good!! Dr. Yang was very pleased as are we!
How you can pray now:
– Continual smooth recovery and healing
– No infection
– Complete recovery of the left side of his face (mainly the area by his mouth).
– Continual good rest for all!

Much love and thank you for your prayers!