The Big Day Ahead

Today, as assumed, has been a day of prep for the Big Surgery tomorrow. Surgery will be at 7:30 am and we have been told that it should last 4 – 6 hours. The reason this surgery will be so much longer than the first is because of the need for a special mapping system called a “DTI” that helps the surgeon know what they are touching in the brain and if it may cause potential deficits if they operate in that area. That obviously will add a lot more time because of how close the remaining tumor is to Alex’s motor strip (the part that controls Alex’s left side).

We finally met our neurosurgeon in person today and when he first walked into our room to meet with us, Alex and I were reading our Bible and listening to worship music. He asked what we were reading, and when Alex answered, “The Bible” He said, “That’s a good book, I like it.” He then proceeded to sit down and talk with us about the plan for surgery etc. His first comment made us feel reassured.   He said that the remaining tumor looks like it’s low grade (stage 2). He then told us that he feels pretty confident that he will be able to get out at least 80% of the tumor (which is still in the ballpark we want) but he’s going to do his best to push as hard as he can to get at least 95%. However, something that was a bit of a shocker is that he believes that there is still more than 50% of the tumor left (we were lead to believe that the previous surgeon got most if not all of it).

After talking through many more details, he said that we should definitely have people praying for protection around the motor strip.  He says that the one deficit he could face is potential weakness or paralysis on the left side of his body, which will most likely be temporary, but he can’t be certain. We are hoping that his motor strip is not next to the outer rim of the tumor, which the Doctor thinks it may be.   Pray against that please!

At the end of our time with the neurosurgeon, my mom asked what his faith was. He answered…”I am a born again Christian.”   We began to tear up and were so thankful that God gave us him!!  There was so much peace in the room while he was here, it is truly a blessing to have him.

Tonight friends and family surrounded us with love and prayer and while they were here Alex started having major anxiety and even some confusion. We called the Dr and we found out that the symptoms were most likely because of the steroids he is now taking to bring down the swelling of the tumor.  After talking with the Dr for a bit Alex asked if he would pray with him before surgery tomorrow he responded “Absolutely!” Sooooo awesome! Praise God!!

We prayed with family and friends in the prayer chapel here at the hospital and it was truly a divine experience and the perfect ending to such a crazy day. We are anxious, but peaceful about tomorrow. It is so clear that God’s hands are in this. We covet your prayers and ask that you join us tomorrow for prayer.

– Pray that the Motor strip will NOT be affected by sugery, leaving Alex with no deficits.
– Pray that they remove 95% of the tumor successfully.
– Pray that they also find no stage 4 cells.
– Pray for Alex to come out of surgery well and recover smoothly.
– Pray for God to grant us all continuous comfort and peace during this
challenging time.

Much love,

P.S. Alex told me to mention that what he is looking forward to the least is the catheter! 🙂