Surgery update #2

This update comes with good news! Dr. Came and updated us on the surgery. He said that surgery and removal of the tumor could not have gone better. He said that he was able to remove at least 80% of the tumor, if not more. The issue of the motor strip he said was not a complication, it was in fact further back as we had hoped. The tumor did rub up against it, however not enough to put him in a lot of jeopardy. He may have some weakness on the left side, but more than likely not permanent. Yippee!
He mentioned that there is a chance for the tumor to be stage 2 or 3. At this point he did not mention stage 4. Praise God!
We are waiting for them to finish closing him up, and then be moved to ICU. We are thankful for this bit of good news!
You can pray now for NO infection as he heals, and that he in fact did not have stage 3 or 4 cells in the tumor.